The 'e’ Letter Problem

I was inspired by Crista Lopes and her presentation to write this post. However, I found an analogy between her thoughts and my job, I recommend watching this presentation.

So, would you try to write a book or at least blog post without using words with the 'e’ letter in the middle of a word? (In Polish it would be probably the 'a’ letter). What implications it would cause? Would it be a challenge to express yourself giving the 'e’ letter a miss?

Well, I think some of expectations about software development methodologies or techniques are similar to the 'e’ letter restriction I mentioned:

  • How to estimate this requirement? But I only have three-words explanation and that’s all?
  • How to start writing a code? But requirements will be precised soon (’soon’ becomes 'now’ when we will decide it is 'now’)
  • How to refactor 10-years old code during a weekend?
  • How to deliver a software in 50% of time estimated with 50% of developers needed?
  • How to start *DD with a team not experienced enough?
  • How to accomplish more projects than our current capacity?
  • How to motivate people with a pay cutting at the same time?
  • How to boost our effectiveness without changing anything?
  • etc.

There is no magic in the world. All methodologies and techniques have its own preconditions. These must be guaranteed before start. But we do repeat the same mistake over and over again. We want to write a book without the 'e’ letter.