The Developer and a developer

As an employer I have a privilege to decide who I work with. I hire people and also have fired some of them. I’ve noticed there is kind of employee who does right anything one has touched. And opposite: some people screw up even simple stupid tasks.

I cannot say what exactly is the difference, mostly I feel one is the right one. But I have some observations:

The Developer a developer
is focused on the task is focused on options of the solution or on 'the best solution’
is patient wants to have things NOW
when failed feels a frustration or a sadness when failed feels a guiltiness
assumes oneself of being a cause of one’s mistakes assumes others of being a causes of one’s mistakes
argue with people blame people
has own daily routine does things impulsively
wants to know what was done right or wrong afraids to know what was done right or wrong, so avoids it
takes things happened as a result of work and constant feedback takes things personally
takes the responsibility for a relationship between involved stakeholders takes the responsibility for tasks one was told to accomplish

Taking a responsibility

I always hear from team leaders: I want a developer to take a responsibility for assigned things. I was unable to understand what was 'a responsibility’. Now I think I should ask them: What are those 'things’ you want a developer to take responsibility for?

Personally I am sure team leaders didn’t mean responsibility for a task. A task is nothing. Having a task completed is not always directly related to increasing a business value. It may be, but this is not the rule.

Having said responsibility team leaders had in minds responsibility for a relationship. That’s right. The core of being responsible for something is responsibility for a relationship between all involved stakeholders. Doing tasks is part of it. But meeting stakeholder needs and increasing business value always comes with taking care of relationship.

About payment

I won’t write anything new. But spending our own money I convinced myself that cheap is expensive if about employee’s salary. We used to hire employees only by reason of their financial expectations. Mostly they were unskilled. We invested our time teaching them. When they picked up some knowledge they left the organization. So we decided to hire the best people we can afford according to our business goals.