Sold out!

I had the agreement with my wife: we will buy new bookcase, when we will change the flat. Because changing a flat takes some time, so that the old one is still with us. But I found it overpacked.

I was standing looking on that 300+ books I had being collected for seventeen years and realized that a few of them really influenced my life. I realized I have read lots of books (there were times I was reading ten hours a day) and I know a lot of things, but it’s a few things I have truly mastered.

For example, it has taken almost three years since I read Getting Things Done to implement it in my daily routine. It has taken thirteen months to implement some personal finances habits. Learning takes time, it takes plenty of time. God, I wish I could fully express what the difference between knowledge and skills means to me!

I packed all that books into bags and went to sell them. They picked out bestsellers and gave me 500PLN, its about 120EUR. 500PLN for seventeen years of collecting the books.

I feel strange now. I am terrified from one side and freed from the other one. Having books sold I only wish I met more friends instead of reading all that stuff.

What next?

Update: and I think I felt a shadow of the News is bad for you