It’s Not Pround To Be Geek

Although 'Geek’ defines some identity for a developer, being geek doesn’t sound proundly for me. One having accepted this identity delimits oneself at the same time.

When you think you are Geek also create responsibility related to being Geek. Then it is easy to say: I am Geek, expecting an excellent requirements to start working or I don’t wanna talk to stakeholders, this analyst’s job, I am Geek or something else.

I’ve seen many IT-related conferences speeches. My observation is lots of speakers builds their authority around of being Geek. They leverage IT-business cooperation problems, present business-IT relationships with distorting mirror and think it’s funny. Well, that is funny for geeks, but not for agilist.

Differentiating from 'Others’ is a very powerful strategy for a speaker or for an individual in general. This strategy underlines what a group of individuals have in common and how they differ from 'Others’ (read: business), helps to feel more self-confident. But this strategy doesn’t help to be more open to a relationship with 'Others’.

So don’t be Geek, but Agilist 🙂