Group Your Tasks by Context

I had really busy time last month, I did training and workshops week by week. Naturally I come up with an idea of optimizing my tasks and decided to arrange all that organisational stuff on the beginning of the month.
In my trello board the following card was created:

When working I checked task by task but realized that I wanted to update training materials before printing. Moreover I received a discount in the hotel but first I had pay it in cash. In consequence of that it was better to book hotel for third training in two weeks.

My task froze. In couple days I start feel myself frustrated because I couldn’t move that stupid task to the 'DONE’ column. Why? Because I did a mistake in grouping tasks by a type (organisational stuff) instead of context (a training).

Grouping them by a context is almost always better solution. It would generate more cards on the board, but at the same time they would move through the board faster. You improve the flow, boost your satisfaction and motivation – that’s how it works.

So keep in mind: group your tasks by a context instead of a type.