Don’t miss the 4Dvelopers’ Soft Skills & Business Relations track

This year I am responsible for the Soft Skills & Business Relations during 4Developers Conference. This is very important to me, because this track also reflects my personal journey through the soft skills way.

I invited some friends which supported me, so this track is also my tribute to them. I do recommend you to join the track and to listen carefully their stories.

This is my short introduction.

I met Hubert in 2004. We worked in the same company. He was my first trainer and coach, and made me aware what soft skills might mean to a software developer. His speech: Practical Psychology for a Software Developer will be kick-off for the track.

Marek Rudziński specialises in supporting of sales departments. I met his and his wife Iza in 2008 when I joined to their three years long training program for a trainer-wanna-be.

I work with Kamil in BNS IT company. He is great coach. He have done lots of work with technical leaders. His speech Magic power of coaching will give you a good insight what coaching is.

Currently I am involved in Non-Violent Communication training program guided by Zofia and his husband Kersten. NVC is nowadays a hot topic in agile world. Zofia’s speech Kontakt i zaufanie w relacjach między klientem a programistą will indroduce you in the NVC world.