Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals

This article is part of my work on Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals

Real understanding of our stakeholders needs comes with a conversation. So we want to develop and share the best ways to do it.

Some readers of my book (in polish) and clients as well found its content very usefull. They encourage me to translate it into English. I have thought about it for a year, but couldn’t decided.

So, I sent a proposal to couple international publishers and I am waiting for feedbacks. Regardless of their decisions I’m to gonna translate the book as Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals in the form of website (guess what my inspiration was? :))

Having the book written I noticed that conversating with domain experts, users or clients is still difficult for a software professional. It is not a piece of cake to have a good conversations. So, the and some of posts from this blog are intended to challenge it. I’ve already written two entries on the subject:

I have also a vision of a community around Conversation Patterns. There is a lot technical stuff we know. But a real understanding of what have to be done comes with a conversations. So, my dream is finding ways to do it effectively.

That is early stuff so any feedback is welcomed.