Agile Organisational Culture

One of the most painful lacks of applying Agile is, in my opinion, the situation when we incorporated an agile structure but organisational or working culture remains pre-agile.

Organisational culture includes the: human behaviours, skills, beliefs, organisational values, mission and visions, language expressions, symbols, norms what is allowed or what is not inside the organisation. So all these things putting together make a mental shift toward being agile.

Applying Scrum or any framework in most cases gives a structure only. I mean: PO, SM, Team, Backlog, charts, meetings, workflow and so forth. But it’s not enough to Scrum brings benefit to your organisation.

Even if DevTeams and business teams commit they know they are a-g-i-l-e now, they will fail because of misunderstandings what agile organisational culture components (listed above) mean to them.

As far we give the agile structure to people, we also need to align every part of organisation with ubiquitous agile culture.