Agile 2014 Feedback

I’ve received feedback from Agile 2014 attendees. The feedback questions are based on a 5 rating scale, with 5 being the highest score. We have:

  • Session Meets Expectations: 4.00
  • Recommend To Colleague: 4.00
  • Presentation Skills: 3.83
  • Command Of Topic: 4.17
  • Description Matches Content: 4.00
  • Overall Rating: 4.00

and comments as well:

  • Michael’s approach falls directly between the geeky, form-based, completely objective approach and the soft-skills, humanist method – something that software people should be able to grasp very quickly. Great job!
  • Michael was nervous but brave presenting in a language different than his primary language. I want to assure him that he did very well and hope he will present enough to be able to relax. Many Americans know only English. The fact that many of the presenter know multiple languages already gives them an advantage.

For me it’s great because had high hopes for my talk. One what I want more are attendees – this time were 24-25 people.